Intense Esperanto

Can’t say much in Esperanto? Need to expand your Esperanto vocabulary? This app will help you memorize TONS of Esperanto words fast! Thanks to its unique methodology, you will be able to learn up to 100 WORDS / DAY!

The app comes with an initial wordlist of over 1500 important Esperanto words, including all the easy word roots as determined by the magazine Kontakto. If you memorize all the words in this app, your understanding of Esperanto is bound to skyrocket. Updates will bring the word count up even higher.


  • app suitable for absolute beginner and intermediate students
  • learn words in groups of 7
  • review while you learn more
  • select which categories of words you want to learn
  • categories include: Basic Roots, People, Numbers, Weather, Hobbies, Countries & Continents, Languages, Movement, Prepositions, Emotions, Words for Time, Outside, Colors, Abstract Nouns and more.
  • additionally, you can choose to work on just tabelvortoj (correlatives), just prefixes and suffixes, just compound words, just adverbs and conjunctions, just adjectives, and so on.

If you enjoyed this app, you can support us by buying Intense German and learn some German as well. Dankon!

3 thoughts on “Intense Esperanto

  1. Howdy. I’ve enjoyed the Esperanto app very much : nice method! An important issue: I use my iPhone with VoiceOver, the resident probem that reads the screen aloud for blind iPhone users. The accented characters used in the Esperanto app are not read. Can you help?

  2. Something I (and others?) might find useful is a button on the Intense Esperanto app that goes BACKWARDS by one screen. I might study a batch of words, but the only ability I have to go back is to completely reset my database. I only want to review the last few screens.

    Love it otherwise, though!

  3. Hello there! My names is Noah. I’m 14 and speak English, Esperanto, decent Spanish and Russian, and am learning Farsi. I am a huge fan of the Chuck Smith Intense Method. I have used it for Esperanto and Spanish. I was wondering if there would be any way to obtain a Russian Version or a Farsi/Persian (Not Dari) version.


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