Dominion Minion

Available now on the App Store!

Tired of shuffling? This app will shuffle your action cards, choose ten and sort instantaneously by box, cost and alphabetically. Then just get out your boxes, grab the cards in order from each box and you’re ready to play. No more fiddling around with those lame blue-bordered randomizer cards… you could even throw them away!

You’ll have more time to play and less time to set up and tear down. Personally I’ve found this eliminates FIVE MINUTES of the setup and teardown time for every single game I play. Also, the results are more random, and I particularly look forward to using this app once I have five or more full-sized expansions. Keep track of them with this app – and if you managed to add promo cards to your collection like Black Market and Envoy, this app can include them in the draw as well.

Choose with which sets you want to play. Your friend doesn’t have Seaside? Turn it off. Visiting Germany to show off your skillz abroad? Choose the German cards – the interface will remain in English! The app will remember your settings automatically, so you don’t have to set it up again each time. What are you waiting for? Get it now and spend more time playing, because we all know Dominion players have to shuffle too much!

This app is not affiliated with Rio Grande Games, Hans im Gl├╝ck or any other publisher of Dominion.


11 thoughts on “Dominion Minion

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  2. Looks nice.
    Other options would be nice:
    – Some people alphabetize all the cards, so it would be nice to have an alphabetical sort option.
    – It would be wonderful to have a button that says “Email me!” which would email the set to yourself or store it in some way if you find a really cool deck.
    – It would be nice to have all the prebuilt decks available. It would also be nice to have some of the 30 or so user suggested decks on BGG.
    – It would be nice to have the BSW random version which specifies how many 2/3 versus 4/5 cards.
    – Even further it would be nice to add details of the cards in abbriviation. For example: Village (3,D,1C,2A). That would tell you at a glance if you have Card draws, Actions, Buys, or Trashes.

  3. Hi Sterling,

    Glad you’re enjoying the app. I actually already had everything you had listed planned for future versions except for the Email feature (which I like) and the detail summary. I plan to make a rather extensive “advanced settings” page which will have all these kinds of settings for people who really want to tweak their Dominion game, but at the same time keeping them away from people who just want a simple randomizer. Thanks for your feature requests! I’ve also put up a survey on boardgamegeek to figure out what features people will really use.

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  5. Dear Mr. Smith, I have a question about your game dominion and the compatibility for the iphone. It is right that it`s not compatibel to the iphone but to the ipod touch?!?!?
    Please mail me your answer.

    Best regard.

    U. Lammermann

  6. Dominion MInion will work on all models of the iPhone and iPod Touch. Thank you for your interest.

  7. I was wondering why sometimes I’m getting 11cards with one being blue? Not quite understanding why and I haven’t found any info on it. Any help would be appreciated.

  8. The blue card is the ban card against the Young Witch. When a card shows up as blue, you should put the Young Witch randomizer (purple back) card under it to remind players that this card protects them against the Young Witch. It looks the most strange when there is no Young Witch in the game, but Black Market is in play. When the Young Witch is in the Black Market deck, you should still add this extra ban deck to the game according to the game designer.

  9. Great app Chuck. Did you change anything in the latest version that would prevent it from being iOS 3.0 compatible? I just updated to the latest release and it is crashing on my first-generation iTouch.

  10. It says that iPad ist capable of running the app but i cant download it! Please update!

  11. This has the opportunity of becoming the best Dominion app. Here are some recommondations for a future version:

    1. Only Attack cards are labelled with a symbol. It would be useful if other types of cards were labelled as well (Victory, Reaction etc.) with a symbol or colour.

    2. A button or finger swipe which enables you to quickly replace a card with a new one.

    3. The option that a Reaction card has to be present if there’s an Attack card on the list.

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